Meeting at Church of the Brethren, Windsor, CO
Sabbath School: 09:30 A.M. (Saturday)
Worship Service: 11:00 A.M. (Saturday)  Directions/Map>>

Consider yourself invited!

This Sabbath, April 22: 
Brother John Martin speaks during the 11:00 A.M. worship hour.
Sermon Title:  "The Ruth Factor"

Come earlier at 9:30 A.M. for a good Sabbath School lesson led by Ray Garcia.  Find out what Peter has to say about "Social Relationships", our 4th lesson in the Sabbath School Quarterly.  No Lesson Quarterly?  See it On Line Here>>
Adventist Christian School Students Present
Above:  Adventist Christian School students present a short program before Pastor Logan delivers the sermon, (April 15)We always enjoy the students when they come to Elm Haven Fellowship. The school is in nearby Greeley.
Adventist Christian School students sing
Above:  Some younger ACS students sing while others await their part, April 15.
ACS Students Play Violins
Above:  Some ACS students play violins, April 15.
Pastor Jason Logan gives the message
Above:  Pastor Jason Logan delivers the message.  Who would have thought that a sermon on Job would be appropriate for the weekend widely celebrated for the death and resurrection of Christ?  Well, it was!  And he tied it in perfectly! (April 15)
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Elder Julio Arias presents "The Nearness of His Presence"
Above:  Elder Julio Arias presenting "The Nearness of His Presence" , (April 8). We learned great lessons about our loving God and Saviour.  Ever since we were thought of, our Lord has been drawing near to us; before and after sin in Eden, to the patriarchs, to the children of Israel in the desert of Sinai, in Solomons's temple, through Jesus in "Herod's temple", and through the Holy Spirit to every person ever since! It is our choice if we let Him near.
Pastor John Martin Baptizes Karlee Norris
Above:  Brother (Pastor) John Martin, baptizes Karlee Norris at the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church A good number of family, friends, and Elm Haven Fellowship church members met at the Greeley S.D.A. Church Sabbath evening, April 8, to witness Karlee follow her Savior in baptism. 
Pastor Logan's family is very talented when it comes to music.  On April 1 daughter Abby and her mother, Grace, preceded the pastor's communion service talk with a number titled, "Is it I?".  They both sang while Abby accompanied on the ukulele. The song tied in with the message Pastor Logan was presenting.  At the last supper Jesus had said one of the disciples would betray Him.  And the question they were asking was, "Is it I?".  This question is one we each might ask ourselves.  Do we by our actions or words ever find ourselves betraying our Lord?  It was a message leading us to introspection.  But if we fail Him, like Peter, our Lord will accept our repentence and lift us up!
Pictured Below:  Abbi and Grace Logan sing special music entitled, "Is It I?"  (April 1)
Pastor Logan's daughter and wife sing, "Is it I?"

Tulips push up through dead leaves near church entrance
Above: Look who shows up these warm March days (March 18)
Tulips peak through last year's dead leaves in front of church.