Meeting at Church of the Brethren, Windsor, CO
Sabbath School: 09:30 A.M. (Saturday)
Worship Service: 11:00 A.M. (Saturday)  Directions/Map>>

Consider yourself invited!
Tulips push up through old dead leaves March 18
Above: Look who shows up these warm March days (March 18)
Tulips peak through last year's dead leaves in front of church.

Youth sing for the church
Above:  We love it when the youth sing for us!  March 18.

Billie tells a hilarious children's story
Above: Have some extra garbage?  No problem.  Box it up, wrap it up.
Let it sit in the back of your open pickup when you go to town.
Presto, gone when you return!
Billie has the whole church laughing from the children's story March 18.

The "Let's Eat Healthy Cooking Class" is history now.  Held February 26 at the Windsor Recreation Center, attendance was good.  Students liked it, but here is the good part.  It is rumored that another class is in the planning for the future.  Stay tuned.

Pictures of the cooking class below:

Cooking in the kitchen for Let's Eat Healthy presentation
Cooks and teachers work feverishly

Some presenters for the Let's Eat Healthy cooking class
"Let's Eat Healthy Cooking Class" Teachers Show How It's Done

Healthy Cooking Class Students
The Students Listen and Later Sample The End Product
Long standing volunteer Pastor John Martin greets after sermon Feb 18
Long standing volunteer Pastor John Martin greets folk following the sermon on February 18. 
He has led Elm Haven Fellowship forward from it's small beginning more than 10 years ago until now.

Our new pastor, Pastor Jason Logan, will be leading us soon, as he finishes his move from Wyoming.  Pastor Logan will also be pastoring the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We look forward to Pastor Logan's leadership.  At the same time we hope Pastor Martin and wife Billie will be members here for many  years to come.

Church entry following sermon February 11, 2017
Above: Church Service is Just Out, February 11