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April 2: Elm Haven Fellowship was treated to a delightful presentation by the students of Adventist Christian School which is located in Greeley, CO. Readings, singing, instrumental music (violins), a slide show of their school and activities, and much more gave us a taste of their educational program led by their Principle and able teachers. A few pictures are presented below:
Greeley Adventist Christian School Students Presentation Greeley Adventist Christian School Students Presentation
Above Left: Students do readings  Above Right: Students perform song motions
ACS Students Present Childrens Story
ACS Students tell the childrens story
ACS students sing and play violins  
Violin playing and singing
ACS Students Presentation
ACS Students presentation included signing
March 5: Elm Haven Fellowship welcomed Mike Cordes and his wife Michelle from the Philippines. They are leading out in a mission outreach to the people living in the mountainous inland regions of Mindanao. Slides and video helped explain the work they and the Bible workers are doing there.  New churches had been built, and a learning center was being constructed to educate people in health, agriculture, and about Christ.  It has not been an easy work, and neither has it been without risk from government and rebel fighters.  GoBeDo is the name of their mission and donations are needed to continue this very important work.  Give through "Jesus for Asia" and tag it for GoBeDo project. Or at the GoBeDo site:  Or mark it on a tithe envelope in our Elm Haven Fellowship offering.  Pictures follow:
Michelle and Mike Cordes speaking about mission
Michelle and Mike Cordes speak about the GoBeDo mission to the Mindanao hill people
How to raft motorcycles across a Philippino river
Rafting motorcycles across a river
Michelle teaches Philippino students inland Mindanao
Michelle Cordes teaching some Philippino students at the GoBeDo Mission