Meeting at Church of the Brethren, Windsor, CO
Sabbath School: 09:30 A.M. (Saturday)
Worship Service: 11:00 A.M. (Saturday)  Directions/Map>

Consider yourself invited!
Sabbath August 12:
      Brother Juan Moran will deliver the worship message.
      Brother Ray Garcia will lead in our lesson study.


Pastor Jason LoganEzekiel 20

In this chapter we again hear God telling the leaders of Israel that He will no longer listen to there inquiries toward Him (v.3). Why?


Abby talks about her experience with "Wildfire" Evangelism in Wyoming
8/5/2017 Above: 
Abby gives an exciting talk about her experience with the "Wildfire" youth evangelism group in Wyoming this summer.  Leading someone to Jesus is deeply satisfying.

Song leaders usually get good support by volunteers up front
Above: Song leaders usually are given good support by volunteers up front.
Perhaps we at Elm Haven Fellowship are old fashioned, but we still enjoy singing the message - rich hymns found in the Adventist hymnal with the music score.
EHFellowship Members man their booth at Windsor, CO Farmers Market 7-13-2017
Above: Elm Haven Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church members man their booth at the Windsor, CO Farmers' Market.  This project lasts 13 weeks on Thursdays.  It is a part of the Total Member Involvement (TMI) thrust which the members have undertaken.  Many people from the crowds that attend stop by for free literature, books, and give-away items. 
Evangelist Carlos Munoz speaks to Elm Haven Fellowship
Above: Evangelist Carlos Munoz speaks to Elm Haven Fellowship June 24.  His presentation on "The Laodicean Church" engages on a personal level. Also, he will be holding an evangelistic series in Windsor, CO this fall, hosted by Elm Haven Fellowship.
Pastor Jason Logan and Family Sing at North-East Colorado Campmeeting, Campion
6-10-2017: Pastor Jason Logan and Family Sing
Taken during the Sabbath evening session of  the North-East Colorado Campmeeting
Campion Academy, CO.