Welcome to the Elm Haven Fellowship S.D.A. Church in Windsor, CO. We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer

Pastor Jason Logan
Elm Haven Fellowship S.D.A. Church

Join Us This Saturday  (See the procedure to attend the newly opened Church service detailed below following several weeks long closure for Covid-19 containment precautions)
Service times:
There will not be Sabbath School at Elm Haven Fellowship yet;
Worship Service: about 10:45 AM and expect to start at 11:00 AM.

(Evidently now there will not be a live stream of the Sabbath School service at the Greeley S.D.A. Church.  They will resume Sabbath School classes at the church with distancing and masks.  Elm Haven Fellowship will not yet commence Sabbath School classes.)

Please Note:

Plans to Be Open October 10:
Elm Haven Fellowship SDA Church plans to be open. We will be following the CDC, State, and Conference guidelines. You will be required to wear masks. If you do not have one we will provide you with one. We're also asking you to text or call Grace Logan if planning to attend.  Or, register for free "tickets" here>>.  No need to bring the ticket.  Elm Haven needs a head count to keep the number safely spaced.

The greater Denver area now has a powerful AM radio station sharing the Three Angels Messages 24 hours day and night :  KPLS 1510 AM beams the front range from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne and much farther at night.   More about it >>

Want it on the internet?  Link here:  www.radio74.net

Just heard about a new Facebook group for Rocky Mt. Conference S.D.A Singles!  Link Here>>



Here's another great resource.  You and anybody can read or order GLOW Tracts on line, even do Bible lessons either online or by mail  >>


2020-9-29  Sprague Lake, RMNP, From Bierstadt Lake to Park and Ride Trail


Devotional October 1, 2020

I recently found a website that was being shared on Facebook called blessyourpastor.org. On that website they had a neat list of 50 ways that you can bless your pastor. I especially liked the different ideas of how you can pray for your pastor. You are such a wonderful supportive church and we're so blessed by you. We love our church families deeply and we're so glad that God called us here! I know many many of you pray for our family daily but please continue to pray for Pastor Jason as he continues to lead in difficult times. As his wife, I know he needs the prayers. Thank you!

Grace Logan